Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best Seafood in DC

Recently we told you where to find the best summer cocktails, frozen treats and burgers. This week is best seafood!

Where can you find the seafood in DC? I asked the writers of Capital Cooking for their selections. Comment below to let us know what you think!
Lauren R.'s Pick:  Mussels at St. Arnold's on Jefferson
Lauren's Pick:  Hank's Oyster Bar
Tom's Pick:  Aqua al Due -- outstanding preparation no matter what seafood you order
Jennifer's Pick:  Rappahannock Oyster Bar
Amanda's Pick:  BlackSalt
JoLynda's Pick: Artie's in Fairfax, Va.  Anything that's seasonally offered and their crab cakes and crab fritters are amazing!
Kathy's pick: Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

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