Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Best Summer Brunch in DC

Recently we told you where to find the best summer cocktails, frozen treats, seafood, rooftops and burgers. This week is best summer brunch!

Where can you find the best summer brunch in DC? I asked the writers of Capital Cooking for their selections. Comment below to let us know what you think!
Lauren's Pick:  Oyamel.  I love the small fresh dishes that are full of flavor.  Great variety of mimosa flavors.
Lauren R.'s Pick: Vinoteca-brunch, $10 bottomless mimosas and Bocce

Jennifer's Pick:  Sou'Wester
Amanda's Pick:  Le Diplomate
JoLynda's Pick: Rosa Mexicana...specifically their stuffed french toast.
Kelley's Pick: Locolat Cafe
Abby's Pick:  Tabard Inn
Kathy's pick: Farmers Fishers Bakers (Georgetown Water Front) 
Micky’s Pick:  Kramerbooks and Afterwords

Photo by Emily Clack
Lauren Rosalanko’s Pick:   Ted's Bulletin for their homemade pop tarts and refreshing milkshakes

Photos by Lauren DeSantis

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