Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eating Around Town

I checked out Ghibellina over the weekend.  I love the interior and the general atmosphere.  The food was average, but this place is worth checking out for drinks with friends.  We tried a couple of appetizers, a pizza and a pasta.  All pretty standard and nothing blew me away.

Ghibellina on Urbanspoon
Another new spot on 14th Street.  This simple cafe has a large patio for outdoor dining and drinking.  Nothing special here in terms of food, but Bar di Bari is good for getting some work done with the free WiFi and enjoying a snack.
Bar Di Bari on Urbanspoon

Tried to go to Etto, but there was an hour and a half wait.  Maybe next time.

Have you guys tried these new spots yet?  Anyone been to B Too, Black Whiskey or Etto yet?  Tell me about your experiences.  Looking forward to Kapnos, G, Doi Moi, Ted's Bulletin, Diego, Lupe Verde, Tico, Compass Rose, M Cafe and Bar, and Barcelona Wine Bar!

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