Monday, March 5, 2012

29 Bites of Heaven: Kaz

I first met Kaz Ocokhi last year in Iceland and got a glimpse of his food at the Lava Restaurant at the Blue Lagoon.  I recently dined at his 13 year establishment, Kaz.  Emily and I were treated to 29 bites of heaven.  Kaz is the real deal.  His sushi follows traditional Japanese standards, although he does do some creative spins on dishes.  Kaz designs a sushi experience unlike anyone else in Washington and it is well worth trying a tasting menu.  He pays close attention to detail and I could tell that everything was very deliberate and had a purpose.

We began the meal with some Sawa Sawa sparkling sake.  This sake is light and refreshing and really goes well with the whole sushi experience.  

Kaz started us with four appetizers.  The flounder carpaccio with spicy shrimp miso had a fried red onion crunch.  The yellow tail crudo was made with a crunchy wasabi.  The salmon with mango salsa had tropical flavors and the smoked mackerel has an acidic finish.

The sea trout Napolean (signature dish) and the monkfish liver (smoked ankimo) were both really good.

The Bird's nest has a beautiful presentation, but was not my favorite.  It is made with baby calamari, uni, quail eggs and truffle soy.  

For the sides, the brussel sprouts and sweet potato Japanese fries are both delicious.

Next we tried the fried blowfish (Fugu), oyster and clam with green and red sea salt.

Drink #2:  Sake Mojito.  Yum!

We took a break from sushi and tried the Asian-style tender short ribs and the Chilean sea bass.  Both were wonderful!  Terrific flavor!!

Steamed eggs with mushrooms (Chawan mushi) was different.

The Japanese Red Snapper with yuzu had nice citrus notes.

The tuna with truffle was yummy.  I really liked the salmon with creme fraiche.  

Lots of nigiri goodies:  sweet shrimp, Japanese sweet scallops, walu, toro, seared scallop, scallop with prosciutto, and salmon belly ...


Kaz said we had to try the Perfect Snow sake at the end.  It is 21% alcohol and one of the strongest sakes.  You drink it with milk.  

We finished the meal with espresso tapioca with bourbon ice cream and mango sorbet with lychee panna cotta paired with yuzu sake.

If you haven't been to Kaz yet, get in there.  Sit at the sushi bar and let Kaz give you a tour through Japanese sushi.  You'll be back for seconds in no time.  

Photos by Emily Clack

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Kathleenjoyce7 said...

What tasting menu did you try?

Lauren DeSantis-Then said...

Kaz has a special tasting menu that he'll put together for you.  It is amazing!