Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swedish Recipe: Pike-perch, grilled burbot, cucumber salad, salt currants and asparagus cream

On the first episode of Capital Cooking's Swedish Series, we cooked with Chef Henrik Norström at LUX.  Restaurant Lux Stockholm is situated in the old Electrolux canteen on the island of Lilla Essingen.

600 g fillet of pike-perch
150 g fille of burbot
1 piece of cucumber 3 parts of water, 2 parts of sugar, 1 part of vinegar
1 savoy cabbageisört
parsley sprouts

Asparagus cream200 g white asparagus
30 g almond potato
sour cream
salt white currants1,5 dl water, 1 dl vinegar, 2,5 cl salt

olive oil

Peel the asparagus and boil for 30 min. Peel the potato and simmer for 20 min. Steam off the asparagus and potato properly, mix them with sour cream to a creamy consistency. Cut the pike-perch into 25-30 g-pieces (approximately 2x7 cm each). Place the pike-perch on an oiled tin.

Put the burbot in a 5% salt
decoction (avkok)/liquid…… for 10 min. Take out the burbot and let it dry off.

Slice the cucumber thinly with a mandolin, put the cucumber in a
1-2-3 decoction.

Strip the heart of the cabbage and cut the tender leaves in thin slices. Blanch the cabbage in salted water. Chill off in ice cold water. Pick small bouquets of the dill and cut small bouquets of the parsley. Put dill and parsley in cold water (in separate bowls). Lift up the dill and parsley on to dry paper. Place the herbs somewhere moist and cold.

Cut the currants and put them in salt/vinegar

When serving, flavor the fish with salt and pepper, oven bake the pike-perch in a 120 degrees Celsius warm oven under plastic to a core temperature of 48 degrees. Oven bake the burbot in a 120 degrees Celsius warm oven to a core temperature of 40 degrees. Shower the burbot with a little oil and grill it straight on the firestone. Heat up the cabbage a little and make small piles of salad of cucumber, leaves of cabbage, thin slices of cabbage, isört, dill and parsley. Shower the salad with some 1-2-3-decoction and olive oil. The pike-perch course is served with asparagus cream and salted currants.

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