Thursday, March 22, 2012

Calling all Sweet Lovers: Sugar Magnolia Opened

Sugar Magnolia brings quality organic sweet treats and savory snacks to the Cleveland Park neighborhood.  The gourmet market is located in Ripple and designed for grab and go sandwiches, salads, pates, baked goods and for dessert, their signature ice cream sandwich.  The cozy, welcoming, environment features a bakery counter and soda cooler.  Patrons will be able to select their choice and take it with them.  The display features a variety of baked goods and the smell wafts through out the space.

Pastry Chef Alison Reed shows off the variety of baked goods including brownies, blondies and other  cookies.

Most exciting are ice cream sandwiches in a variety of six flavors made from scratch by pastry chef Alison Reed.  Crunchy and sweet, the chocolate wafer cookie with coffee coconut ice cream satiates without being overwhelming.  The flavors are light and perfect for a hot day after touring the Zoo. 

Also destined to hit the spot are the chocolate chip cookies with valhrona chocolate and the blondie with coconut, toffee chocolate and almonds. Families will find the options and location a great choice for a bite on the way the home.

For those seeking to fill a savory craving, go for the smoked mackerel sandwich with kale, potatoes, caper mayonnaise and lemon juice.  A side of the bacon-roasted pecans also combines salty, smoky and spicy for the ultimate snack.  They lasted less than five minutes so consider buying two.  Their passion for locally sourced, organic ingredients is apparent in the freshness of the flavors in all their items.


Diana Ash said...

This looks delicious! Can't wait to try it!

Capital Cooking Show said...

Just opened today!