Monday, August 19, 2013

Around the Globe: Kaow Soi Gai

After touring the local Thai food market, we headed back to the The Four Seasons Cooking School
The facility is beautiful and we had the best time cooking while watching the monsoon pouring down. 
View from Four Seasons Chiang Mai
“Kaow Soi Gai” is not something easily found on Thai restaurant menus in America. 
 It was my favorite dish in Chiang Mai and all of Thailand. 
Of course we made an offering before eating.
 The good news is that the recipe is below and you can make your own at home. 
 There's a Japanese market on 17th and U that has most of the ingredients you'll need or you can venture out the H Mart. 

100 gr Chicken (Gai)
1 Pc. Fresh Egg Noodle for frying (Bamee thod)
1 Pc. Fresh Egg Noodle for blanching (Bamee)
1 tbsp Red Curry Paste (Narm prig gaeng daeng)
¼ tsp. Hung Lay Curry Powder (Phong hung lay)
1 tsp. Yellow Curry Powder (Phong ga ree)
1½ cup Coconut Milk (Gathi)
1 cup Chicken Stock (Narm soup gai)
1½ tbsp Fish Sauce (Narm pla)
1 tbsp of Palm Sugar Paste or White Sugar (Narm tan peeb)
2 leaves Thai Coriander, sliced (Pak chee larb)
1 stem Spring Onion, sliced (Hom soi)
Lime (Ma naow)
Shallot (hom daeng)
Pickle Mustards (Pak kad doung)
Chili in Oil (Prig kaow soi)

Heat the wok with vegetable oil. Then deep fry the egg noodle. Set aside.

Blanch the remaining egg noodle in boiling water and place in a soup bowl with Thai coriander.

Heat a wok and add the coconut milk half ladle and stir until coconut milk boils.

Add red curry paste and stir. Mix red curry with coconut milk and follow with hung lay curry powder, yellow curry powder and mix well.

Add sliced chicken and keep stirring until chicken turns a bit white in color. Then add rest of coconut milk and stir.

Bring to a boil again, then add chicken stock, Thai fish sauce, and palm sugar paste. Reduce heat.

Keep cooking for 3-4 minutes

Pour the curry soup on top of the egg noodles.

Garnish with crispy egg noodles and sliced spring onion.

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