Monday, August 26, 2013

Tubing, Barbecuing, Shenandoah-ing

We recently amped up our run of summer fun with a quick trip to the gorgeous Shenandoah for three days of tubing, barbecue, and R and R revelry.

We were treated to low-humidity sunny daytime skies and purple dappled sunsets, and Chevy made the trip all the more special by lending us a 2013 fire-orange convertible Camaro.  
This classic muscle car embodies the American car renaissance that is in mid-bloom.  It is FAST, and powerful, and a ton of fun to drive.  So much better than the 1980s models that I grew up loving but that, in reality, were only half the car that the 2013 model is.  We threw the top down each night right before sunset to cruise the curvy Virginia back roads and inhale the intoxicatingly fresh country air while the wind pulled at our cheeks and gave us involuntary faux-hawks.  
After each sunset cruise (preceded of course by an eight-hour saunter in a round rubber tire down the lazy river), we returned to our charming Civil War-era bungalow, where we tossed back ice cold Virginia craft brews and downed spit-fired hamburger, brats, chicken and pork chops.  
Summer on the Shenandoah.  Enough said.

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