Monday, August 19, 2013

Opening: Ted's BULLETIN on 14th St.

As of 7 AM Monday, August 19th, Ted's BULLETIN on 14th St. (1818 14th St. to be exact) is officially open for business.

We stopped by a few days before the official opening to sample a few flavors of Ted's famous pop-tarts, milkshakes and their newest offering: donuts!

The infamous pop-tarts at Ted's BULLETIN come in half a dozen flavors, including Blueberry Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Bacon and Chocolate Nutella. My favorite Pop-tarts flavor has always been Brown Sugar Cinnamon, though I recently tried the new Peanut Butter flavor and am wondering how it could have taken this long for this flavor to arrive on the market. I had previously only sampled the strawberry flavored pop tart from Ted's BULLETIN, so while at Ted's for the preview of the bakery, I figured the most logical thing to do was to sample their edition of my favorite Pop-tarts flavors. I thus ordered the Brown Sugar and Peanut Butter Bacon flavors, while also sampling the Toasted Coconut. I was a little hesitant to try the Toasted Coconut flavor, as I've never been a fan of the texture of coconut flakes, but I was sold on the description of it being comparable to an almond croissant. It turns out the Toasted Coconut ended up being my favorite flavor of the 3 pop-tarts I tried. The coconut flakes blended right in to the frosted crust and the center of the poptart was a slightly crunchier version of an almond croissant, just as described.

With all the gourmet doughnuts now available in DC, sometimes all you really need is one good old-fashioned glazed donut and that is just what Ted's BULLETIN now offers. The yeast doughnuts are enormous in size and taste.

Ted's BULLETIN also offers a selection of muffins, cookies and other fun desserts, like a spin on the Twinkie.

I took a Millionaire Bar to go with the intention of cutting a tiny piece to taste and then sharing the rest with my roommates. After one bite of the the Millionaire Bar, I quickly scrapped those plans (sharing is overrated), rushed to the grocery store to grab some milk to enjoy the bar with and then ate the whole thing in one sitting.  The bar was salty, sweet, chewy and crunchy-everything you could want in one dessert.

As guests choose between the wide selection of pop-tarts, cookies, muffins and other baked goods, they can watch the Ted's BULLETIN team in action as pop-tarts are handmade. 

Despite all the previous pictures, Ted's BULLETIN on 14th St. is much more than just a bakery, though the sweet baked goods are a definite highlight of the restaurant. Ted's BULLETIN will continue to serve a selection of comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oh yeah, and we can't forget about the milkshakes (and boozy milkshakes). When you can't decide whether you want a donut or milkshake for dessert (or as an appetizer) you can now order a donut milkshake.

Ted’s BULLETIN is open Sunday-Thursday from 7:00am – 10:30pm, Friday and Saturday from 7:00am – 11:30pm and breakfast is available all day. 
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