Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Best Meat-Free Options in DC

Ask and you shall receive.  Recently we told you where to find the best summer cocktails, frozen treats, brunch, seafood, rooftops and burgers. One of our readers requested a list of the Best Meat-Free Options.  

I asked the writers of Capital Cooking for their selections. Comment below to let us know what you think!
Lauren’s Pick:  Beuchert’s Saloon has some incredible veggie dishes.
Hannah’s Pick:  Zaytinya is my absolute fav for veggie food.
Lauren Rosalanko’s Pick:  Busboys and Poets does a fabulous job catering to vegetarian and vegan eaters, as well as having meat options for meat lovers as well.  For all meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner they specifically mark if something is Vegetarian with a VG, and Vegan with a V. They have a few tofu options and vegan quesadillas and nachos. For breakfast, a few options include egg wraps and vegan egg wraps, that are really good!
Kathy’s Pick:  Sweet Green and Pizzeria Paradiso is a favorite of mine - they offer meat free pizzas and allow you to substitute their cheese for a soy/dairy free alternative called Daiya.
Melinda’s Pick:  Muse Café
Tom’s Pick:  Sunflower Café in Vienna, VA.   They do mock meat dishes that are really tasty.  There's another branch in Falls Church.  Worth a trip out there for those who never leave the city.
Amanda’s Pick:  Bangkok Golden in Falls Church does Meatless Mondays and offers great vegetarian choices of both Thai and Laotian cuisines.
JoLynda’s Pick:  Pure Pasty Company in Vienna, VA has some of the best vegetarian options for Cornish Pasties and veggie soups.  Including a curried veggie pastie and cold creamed cucumber soup.
Rachel’s Picks:  Elizabeth's Gone Raw is really awesome and original-but reservation only, Friday night only, but it's DC's only raw-food restaurant.
Thai-Xing has an awesome Sunday vegetarian night every week.
Ardeo Bardeo does wonderful things with their veggies- it's one of our favorites. they are really creative with veggie dishes.
Eatonville labels things "vegetarian" or "vegan" on their menu and are super veggie friendly
Harmony Cafe in Georgetown- Chinese vegetarian. you can get meat too, but they have the largest, craziest selection of fake meat options I've ever seen.
Pound, on the Hill, is great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.
Pete's New Haven style Pizza in Columbia H. is super vegan/gluten-free/veggie friendly.
Everlasting Life Cafe- amazing vegan soul food on Georgia Ave.
Izakaya Seki- super flavorful vegetarian dish options.
Sticky Fingers for dessert.
Reader’s Picks: Bread and Brew:  This French-inspired, Certified Green Restaurant has a special Meatless Monday menu.
 Founding Farmers: With two locations, these Certified Green restaurants have a long list of clearly marked vegetarian options on their menu.
 Nage: This classy restaurant offers extra meatless meals on Monday.
Amsterdam Falafel: The perfect place for flavorful, filling food that’s good for your fiscal budget.

Photos by Lauren DeSantis, Emily Clack and Kristen Finn


Anna said...

What a beautiful feature -- all these dishes look gorgeous and delicious. Wish I could try them all. Perhaps I'll have to do that. : ) Thanks!

capitalcooking said...

Thank you for your fabulous suggestions!

Erica said...

WOW - Thanks for this great article and beautiful photos! Hope to see many of these places at the upcoming DC VegFest!

capitalcooking said...

Thanks Erica. We'd love to help you promote it again with 4Bitten!

Katie said...

This is a wonderful article, thanks for sharing some of these delicious places to eat! My favorite places are Bus Boys and Poets and Everlasting Life Cafe (they have the best vegan mac&cheese I've ever tasted)!

capitalcooking said...

Good to know. I still haven't been to Everlasting Life Cafe, but Rachel loves it. I'm happy there are so many good options in DC. I'm sure there will be more as restaurants continue to realize the demand is there.