Friday, August 23, 2013

Thinking of Drinking: Tiki Tuesdays at Tonic

By: Garrett Lamm

The new garden patio at Tonic at Quigly’s is the perfect space to enjoy the summer weather. Tiki torches line the perimeter, the exposed brick façade provides shade, and plenty of wooden tables and chairs outside allow for an inviting and comfortable atmosphere on the street level of this historic neighborhood. Located in Foggy Bottom at 21st and G Streets, N.W., Tonic is a fantastic place to socialize outside, or to sit down for evening drinks and appetizers. The college students or young professionals in the area are sure to enjoy this new addition to an already established restaurant/bar.

When all the other happy hours around the city are winding down, Tiki Tuesdays at Tonic is just beginning. Drink specials run from 7-11 PM, and there is no need to order beverages from inside. A full bar in the garden offers a large selection of rotating specialty drinks. The tiki drinks include lushies, tropical cocktails, as well as wine, and over a dozen local, domestic, and international draft beers. 

The Susi is a simple concoction of Hendrick’s gin, cucumber, lime, and mint, garnished with a cucumber wedge. The cucumber and mint flavors definitely stand out, making this a light, refreshing, and crisp cocktail sans carbonation. 

The Blue Zabooty is a fizzy cocktail of Malubu rum, peach schnapps, raspberry vodka and blue curacao with sour mix and sprite, served in a pint glass and garnished with a maraschino cherry and an umbrella. It was a bit too sweet for my taste, but the presentation was great. 

Finally, the Strawberry-Basil Daiquiri is an ideal frozen blended summer drink, served in a tiki mug. It is fruity, and the basil provides a good balance to the sweet rum and strawberries. 

The appetizer selection has a bit of everything. There are standard tropical dishes, as well as a few eclectic options. 

The coconut shrimp uses the classic recipe of large, fresh shrimp, battered and fried with shredded coconut. The crispy outside mixed with the juicy shrimp make for a great texture combination. 

The vegetable spring rolls are light, flaky, and chocked full of steamed cabbage, carrots, and herbs.

The sweet-and-sour chicken skewers were small but filling, and the dipping sauce was to die for. 

Finally, the more eccentric appetizers include bacon-wrapped pineapple. The flavor combinations of the sweet pineapple spears and the crispy bacon worked well together, and the mix of sweet and salty had me hooked.

I will definitely be heading back to Tonic at Quigley’s for another Tiki Tuesday. Great drinks, delicious food, beautiful outdoor patio, in historic D.C.
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