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Lauren DeSantis Helps Local Family of Quintuplets Take on a New Meal

Washington, D.C. - “Capital Cooking” host Lauren DeSantis features local Thompson quintuplets for her first filming since November, sponsored by the Links, Inc. with the help of Altomease Kennedy. The upcoming show features DeSantis teaching the quintuplets useful and delicious recipes that are kid friendly and easy for all ages.

The show will feature such recipes as spicy buffalo chicken pizza and a healthy fruit salad with honey yogurt sauce. The Thompsons and DeSantis hope the show helps teach other kids to help out in the kitchen.

Jacqueline Thompson gave birth to sextuplets in 1997 and now is a single mother raising quintuplets without the donations they once survived upon. The help of DeSantis provides the now teenagers with some valuable tips on how to create meals to help their mother at home.

Watch the “Capital Cooking with the Quintuplets” and enjoy the fun interaction between DeSantis and the Thompson family.

Capital Cooking is the first television show of its kind. A series exploring the culinary and cultural riches of our nation’s Capital and is hosted by Lauren DeSantis.

Capital Cooking highlights cooking traditions of regional cuisine from all areas of the country as well as international dishes. Throughout the series, DeSantis will incorporate entertaining tips into the shows, will cook with local chefs, and will demonstrate how to make recipes with ingredients that viewers can find at local grocery stores and farmers’ markets.

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Airing this month on Cox Cable Channel 10 in Fairfax:

Cooking with the Quintuplets: In 1997, Jacqueline Thompson gave birth to sextuplets, five of whom survived. The donations that helped make ends meet dropped off years ago. Now she’s a single mom. Join Lauren as she teaches the quints how to make their own lunches for school and other fun recipes for kids.

Time slot during the 4th week of the month, Mon@1130p, Thurs@930a, and Wed @4am.

Also, check out:

KDHX Charter Cable Channel 21 in St. Louis, Missouri

Every Wednesday at 1p.m.

A Rustic Roman Afternoon: Join Lauren and Chef Patricia Sanitate for delicious recipes of a typical weekday Roman meal including, Involtini alla Romana, Gnocchi al Forno, Insalata fine estate and Raspberry Tarts.

CATV 3 in Columbia, Missouri

A Rustic Roman Afternoon

Friday, April 3, 2009 5:00pm

Information for the other episodes airing this month can be found at the following stations:

Comcast Channel 95 and RCN Channel 10 - DC
Cox Cable Channel 10 - Fairfax, Virginia
HCTV - Herndon, Virginia
Access Montgomery TV 21 - Maryland
KDHX Channel 21- St. Louis, Missouri
Windsor Community Television - Windsor, Connecticut
People TV Channel 24 - Atlanta, Georgia
MCAM Channel 23 - Manchester, New Hampshire
CCTV in Concord-Carlisle, Massachusetts
The Peoples Channel 8 - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Saco River Community Television - Hollis, Maine
TV2 Channel 2 - Manistee, Michigan
HPA-TV - Hibbing Minnesota
SCTV - Saugus, MA
TBNK - Covington, Kentucky
WITC Channel 6 - New Richmond, Wisconsin
DATV - Dayton, Ohio
KCAT TV Channel 15 - Los Gatos, California
NCTV - Nevada City, California
Channel 20 - Gilroy, California
WCTV - Waterloo, Iowa
Philadelphia Community Access Coalition - Philadelphia
FLTV in Fair - Lawn, New Jersey
CAT3 TV - Columbia, Missouri
Aurora 8 - Aurora, Colorado
Triangle Television - New Zealand
Adelaide, Australia
Channel 31 Adelaide

Photos by Alex Moore

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I'm trying to get in touch with the Family to help them out.. I know how hard it is to raise multiples... I have twins! I can't imagine how she does this all by herself... Please email me at with any information on how I can get in contact with the family to help them! THanks so much