Thursday, November 8, 2018

Dining Out: Jardenea’s Fall Dinner

I was really looking for a hidden gem to indulge in some fall classics. Jardenea’s, tucked away inside of the Foggy Bottom boutique hotel Melrose Georgetown, was just the perfect place.

Before I go onto the food, I wanted to express how AWESOME the service was here. This is definitely a great place for a quiet romantic night out or for dinner with a group of your colleagues. The chefs, the mixologists, the waiters, and the hotel staff are all a great team and work together to truly give you a great dining experience. They crafted a great food and drink menu and go above and beyond for their diners to showcase their favorites. As a foodie – this is so appreciated! 

So, what’s their menu options like? What were my favorites? What fall / winters dishes can be found here? 

Their autumn cocktails were so interesting – offering a Pumpkin Spiced Martini, an Espresso Martini, and a Barrel Age Manhattan. My favorite fall cocktail would have to be their Granny Smith Mule – with apple infused Stolichnaya, apple cinnamon syrup, and ginger beer – YUM!! The apple flavor was incredible. 

They have two delicious bisques – a Crab Bisque with Corn Fritters and a really fall-forward Cauliflower Bisque. 

The chef recommended his delicious Harvest Brussels Sprouts – and as soon as they came out I couldn’t wait to indulge in the roasted veggies! This was definitely a must at the table. 

The Farm Ribeye was GIGANTIC and so flavorful, but the chunks of smoked bacon jam on top of the steak stole the show. I couldn’t get enough of the bacon mixed with the white truffle mashed potatoes. This was such a big, comforting dish. 

The Grouper with Quinoa was a great light option. 

To end the night, the chef recommended the Dark Chocolate Lava Cake, but instead of with vanilla bean ice cream, he topped the warm cake with creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream. Dessert wine, mint, and chocolate – the best way to finish a meal! 

I loved dining at Jardenea’s and can’t wait to go back for happy hour. Cheers! 

For menu options and reservations, go to: Jardenea 

Melrose Georgetown Hotel 
2430 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, 
Washington, DC 20037 
Phone: 202-955-6400

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