Monday, June 17, 2013

Hyattsville Just Got a Little More Spicy

Walking into Spice 6 (, I was welcomed by friendly staff and fashion forward decor. Of course, I had a million questions but, luckily, that worked in my favor because I was offered that many more delectable items off of their menu. (I'll keep that in mind...)

Their naan, traditional Indian bread, is made fresh to order. The uncooked dough is slapped onto the side of their hot clay oven, continuously heated over flames. 
Baking naan in the clay oven

Spice 6 offers four different curries or sauces. I found the Kadai Masala to have the perfect balance between creamy and spicy (more spicy than creamy). If you have a palate that favors creamy over spicy, you'll enjoy the Korma Masala.

While the lamb was delicious, I thought it'd fair better on the "om nom" scale of deliciousness if it were enjoyed in a rice bowl so I chose chicken as my protein to top my Kadai Masala on my naan pizza. Throw on some peppers, onions, and cheese, then bake and there you have a mighty fine Indian spin on an American classic. 
Naan Pizza
As for their samosas: remember that scene in Ratatouille where the evil food critic tries the Ratatouille prepared by Little Chef, the mouse, and he's suddenly inundated with nostalgia of his days as a little boy running home to mom's home-cooked ratatouille? That's exactly how I felt taking my first bite into the bubbly, perfectly browned crust of Spice 6's samosa as it took me back to memories of running from school to the Indian supermarket a block away from home to buy samosas (one for 75 cents, two for a dollar). I'll surely be back for more.

Their chana, or chickpeas, is made with seven spices and topped with cilantro and red onions. There is an apparent sweetness to their chickpeas that complimented the taste of herbs and spices nicely. 
Samosa, Chana, and Aloo Tikki (potato patty)

 Can it get any more spicy? Ask for Vik's Special Sauce (not on the menu) and you'll have your answer. This unassuming sauce starts off tolerable but, as the sauce settles in between your taste buds, the heat turns up and there's no turning it off. Unless, of course, you've ordered their mango lassi. This traditional Indian drink, made with yogurt (made fresh in-house daily) and mango puree, is not blended but hand whisked to ensure a silky-textured beverage. Not only does it taste delicious, it does a great job of offsetting some of the heat. Suggestion: Ask for an ice cube or two in your cup of mango lassi. The colder, the more tasty.
Vik's Special Sauce and Mango Lassi 
 As I wondered if it was just me who was enjoying all that Spice 6 had to offer, I came across Corey, who graciously complied with my request to take his photo as he enjoyed his tofu naan wrap with spinach masala and green chutney.

"It's amazing. I eat these all the time."

And, when I thought my stomach couldn't fit another bite, Gulab Jamun, similar to doughnuts, found it's way to my table. Soaked with a simple syrup consisting of water, sugar, bay leaf, cinnamon, and lemon, and served warm, it has a smooth bread pudding-like texture. It tastes just like a freshly fried doughnut with an herbal essence. Be sure to make room in your belly for this one.
Galub Jamun
Special thank you to Timpi and the entire staff.
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Mr. Cheap Eats said...

I love this place. With the success of the fast and casual trend, I think Spice 6 could successfully franchise.

capitalcooking said...

Thanks for the comment! That would be a great idea.

Donna Hodge said...

I've passed by this place many times with a quick peek in, but after reading your review I must try the naan pizza and some of their other offerings.

capitalcooking said...

Thanks! Let us know what you think.