Friday, June 7, 2013

Thinking of Drinking: RAMMY Cocktail Contest

The RAMMY Awards Gala is taking place on June 23, and to kick things off, the brand new Golden Brown Delicious hosted a RAMMY cocktail contest tasting party.  This is the 3rd annual RAMMY Cocktail Contest, and until June 14th, the RAMMY nominees for Mixology Program of the Year will be offering their signature RAMMY cocktail at their restaurants.

You can be entered to win two RAMMY gala tickets just by ordering a signature cocktail at one of these restaurants from now until June 14th.  The nominees for Mixology Program of the Year are Birch and Barley/Churchkey, Bourbon Steak, EatGoodFood Group, Rasika, and Room 11.

GBD invited guests to try the signature cocktails and enjoy some pre-dinner snacks including fried chicken and donuts along with all the classic sides like coleslaw, bean salad, and potato salad.

Each restaurant nominated offered a fresh and creative cocktail.  Bourbon Steak started the tasting off with a very refreshing, and my personal favorite, drink called Yard Style made with Maker's Mark Bourbon, fresh lemon, ginger, pineapple, and mint.

Next I tried the most unique, in my opinion,  cocktail of the night by Churchkey/ Birch and Barley called The Giallo.  This was a fun combination of gin, saffron liquor, meyer lemon juice, and Campari with a beer chaser.  It was a take on a shooter and beer chaser, and absolutely delicious with the fried chicken steamed pork bun taco.

Rasika offered a ginger cocktail called the Monsoon made with Fever-Tree Tonic, Rum, fresh limes and ginger syrup.  It was both refreshing and spicy.  

To finish the tasting off, Room 11 offered a delicious dessert like cocktail that was a fantastic combination of coffee and bittersweet chocolate.  It was not too sweet, a tad savory, and a really nice coffee flavor.  It was definitely a fun way to finish off the tasting and paired nicely with the fresh donuts GBD had to taste.
All of the cocktails were outstanding, but my personal favorite was Yard Style by Bourbon Steak.  It was the perfect combination of savory, sweet, citrus, and fruit.  It finished cleaned, and I could have had 5 more.  Check out all of these signature cocktails at the participating restaurants and vote for your favorite.  

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