Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blue Moon Cans

I've always loved Blue Moon, but now it is available in cans so it is easier to take on float trips, picnics, BBQs, etc.  Blue Moon Belgian White introduced its unique, artfully crafted flavor to the beer world in 1995. The brand’s artistic approach to brewing continues 15 years later, as Blue Moon Belgian White is available for the first time in a 12-ounce can.  The Blue Moon Belgian White Brewmaster’s Can offers beer fans added convenience, while delivering the same great-tasting, unfiltered wheat ale.

The Brewmaster Cans are now available in 12 packs throughout the Midwest, East and Mountain regions, with national availability scheduled for this fall.  More information is available at www.Facebook.com/BlueMoon and www.BlueMoonBrewingCo.com.

Blue Moon Brewing Company was born in 1995 in Denver. Everything we do stems from our artistic approach to brewing beer. We paint flavors with hops, barley and wheat, and then add twists like orange peel and coriander. And that’s why we say our beer – and everything we do – is Artfully Crafted®.

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