Thursday, June 17, 2010

Limoncello Review: Ventura Limoncello

I've been testing recipes to get ready for upcoming show on Tuscan cuisine and I'm working on the perfect Tuscan Lemon Drop.  The Ventura Limoncello arrived tonight and I opened a bottle to get a taste before my recipe development.  Ventura Limoncello has the smooth lemon flavor without the bite.  It is the best limoncello I've ever tasted and is wonderful without mixing.  

Tomorrow I'll start trying it with the vodka, rosemary and lemon juice that I as imagining for the cocktail.  Limoncello is the perfect Italian after dinner drink that helps your meal settle.  Like me, the Carlings are Italian-American with a passion for their heritage.  They took Manuela Zaretti-Carling's nonna's family recipe and created a masterpiece.  California is the perfect place to create this lemon liqueur because of the year-round summer.  The Ventura Limoncello is 100% natural and hand-crafted in small batches in Ventura County.  Beautiful packaging...can you tell I'm already a huge fan!  Stay tuned to see it on our upcoming Tuscan show with Dean Gold from Dino's in Cleveland Park.

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