Monday, June 7, 2010

Restaurant Review: Founding Farmers

For the past few weeks my co-workers have continuously praised Founding Farmers. Tired of feeling left out, I took to my favorite website ( and reserved a table for brunch to celebrate the two year anniversary of my relationship (I'll let the ohhhs and awwws commence here). Needless to say, our hopes were high and we both sat with anticipation as we waited for our food to arrive.

While some people ordered a $12 "Eye Opener," we opted for the $8 "Banana Fluffer Nutter." Made with organic peanut butter, banana slices, and homemade marshmallow fluff, this morning appetizer was a nice break from the traditional coffee and doughnuts that are typically served at brunch. We both expected the dish to be sweet; with chocolate and marshmallow fluff, how could we not? Instead, the dish was composed of subtle flavors. Nothing was too sweet and it actually tasted healthy. Surprised? Me too.

Having enjoyed a Soho Omlet at Kramer's Books and Afterwards Cafe on Saturday morning, I was in no mood for protein. Bring on the carbohydrates! The New Orleans Style French Toast ($7.00) immediately caught my eye and I am happy to say that I have found the best French toast in D.C. The best way to describe the taste is to liken it to a beignet, a native New Orleans dessert, crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. Combined with a strawberry jam and maple syrup, this satisfied my never ending sweet tooth.

My partner in crime decided to take a more traditional approach to the farm house breakfast, ordering the Founding Farmers Breakfast ($9.00). With two eggs any style, thick cut bacon (is that what that giant slab of pork is?), shredded leek hash browns and tomatoes, it's no wonder he didn't want dinner! His meal is best summed up with this quote, "Caitlin, taste these eggs. Don't they just taste fresher!" To grasp the full effect, you'll need to read this with great enthusiasm. For best results, try saying it out loud.

Despite the delicious food, there were other aspects of Founding Farmers that transported us away from the daily grind of D.C. life. For example, a milk jug of water is left on the table for your convenience. No need to frantically search for your server, the diner is now completely self-sufficient in the beverage department. Not to mention, that the presence of the milk jug transported me back to every farm story I read as a child. I felt like I was going to go collect eggs and feed the hogs after my a good way. The restaurant itself is open and bright, allowing the diners to bask comfortably in the morning sunlight while enjoying their food.

Centrally located on Pennsylvania Ave, Founding Farmers is convenient for all city dwellers and surbanites. No matter the occasion, Founding Farmers is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave, NW,
Washington DC 20006

202.822.TRUE (8783)
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