Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring 2010 Cuisine Des Artistes: A feast for the senses

What do you get when you combine art and food?  Cuisine Des Artistes
 The event was held at the beautiful Meridian House.  It would be the perfect spot for a wedding.

The artists passed appetizers.  This one was by Jayme McLellan and Erick Jackson.
7 layer b stanley dip

Jolene and I enjoyed the Bluecoat Gin Punch by Dan Searing of Room 11.

The Landless Theatre Musical Lowlights from "Perez Hilton Saves the Universe" performed.
Mingling and tasting
They even had a magician and poet
Inside, the chefs were getting ready for the main course.  Chef and Artist:  Carole Greenwood (orangearrowdc.com) made Edible Icons
Probably the most impressive was the sushi painting.
An edible abstraction based on the mixed media work of Thom Flynn made by Chef Randy Noprapra of KUSHI: Izakaya & Sushi
Butterfly Cucumber Spring Garden Ginger Mist and Tom Brown's Butterfuly Cucumber Ginger Collins
The soup and cocktail were inspired by the artist Serinity Knight
Tom Brown told me that the punch was made with sherry.  It tasted delicious.  Tom works at the Passenger that has been opened since mid-November.  He raved about the bar food.  I'll have to check it out.
Dean Gold of Dino and Ellyn Weiss Rustic and Authentic
 Areperia Rumba
Chef Gustavo Hupella of Rumba Cafe and Byron Peck
 Hamburger!  500 Points!!!
Donut! 1000 Points!!  Chef Doug Cooperman of the International Culinary Schools at the Art Institute of Washington
Kenny George
 Chef Logan Cox of New Heights and Victoria F. Gaitan
Chef Barton Seaver
Kate Damon

During the event, the DC Arts Center presented the 2010 Herb White Award to Don Russell.

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