Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Look: Lebanese Taverna

Lebanese Taverna recently underwent a major makeover and is back better than ever.  Guests can now enter through a fully enclosed side door, accessible from the restaurant’s complimentary parking garage below.  

Upon entering the restaurant, you'll find a stylish and spacious lounge area adjacent to a 13-seat bar.  
Situated at the back of the restaurant is floor-to-ceiling walnut grid wall housing internally lit Arabic lanterns.  Behind this featured wall lies the Cedar Private Dining Room accommodating up to 56 guests.
The menu stays true to its traditional roots offering signature items like the chef's plate with nine different mezza.  This was my favorite.  I loved the bread with olive oil and Zaatar spice.  Such a great way to start the meal.  
The semolina crusted fried artichokes are a must-try.  We also tasted some of their new items including salads, sandwiches and wraps.  I hope to get back again to try more of their traditional menu items.
We loved hearing the stories about the beginning of the restaurant and the success of 11 locations.  So cool to see the American dream in action with this family run business.  Hope to visit again soon!
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