Monday, February 18, 2013

Uncorked: Sommelier Showdown

The DC Food and Wine Festival was a huge success.  This year they offered a number of events and seminars for food and wine lovers to enjoy. The 2nd Annual Sommelier Showdown tested the wine knowledge and tasting ability of local DC sommeliers.  A panel of sommeliers sat and tasted a number of wines trying to identify grape varietal, and place of origin, and even producer while guests mingled about the room tasting high value wines and munching on delicious bites chosen by DC's best chefs.

Before heading into the judging room, guests were greeted with sparkling wine and an array of hors d'oeuvres including local oysters and clams and spicy lemongrass seafood soup.  

There was also gourmet mac and cheese in three different varieties, lobster, aged cheddar, and wild mushroom.

After tasting through some refreshing whites and hearty reds, guests moved into the judging room to watch the sommeliers take the hot seat.  As sommeliers from Ris, BLT Steak, The Pig, and many other  DC hot spots, guests enjoyed more wine, and munched on a variety of cheeses along with squash, mushroom, and a hearty duck risotto.  

After lots of purple teeth and much deliberation the results were in, and the winner of this years Sommelier Showdown was Leah Cheston from Ris.  But a night is never over with out dessert, and the dessert was plentiful.  The night finished off with coffee and a spread of small cakes, truffles, and puddings.  Everything was really beautiful and very tasty.

Another well organized and very fun event put on by the International Food and Wine Festival.  Looking forward to more Wine Cooperative events this year!

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