Sunday, January 23, 2011

Capital Cooking Films More Shows

Photo with Larry Calvert of Toute Sweets (snapshot on set from his camera)
We had the best time yesterday filming 10 Capital Cooking Quick Clips for TBD and two full episodes.  Long day (9 a.m.-9 p.m.)!!  On one of our Capital Cooking Quick Clips, Larry Calvert, owner of Toute Sweets, showed us how to make some fabulous cookies for Valentine's day.  Larry showed us some amazing decorating tips and you'll be able to catch the clip next month on TBD TV.  Larry makes all sorts of custom cookies including edible images.  He was nice enough to bring some by with the Capital Cooking logo.  So cool!  Thanks Larry!

Special thanks to our Capital Cooking team:  Nick Szpara, Bim Mamber, Mike Sahl, Diana Blass, Kathryn Ruleman, Emily Clack, Kristen Finn, Tammy Hargrove and Corey Then.

More about the new Quick Clips and filming with photos coming soon.

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