Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Taste: Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi's first U.S. location officially opened for business inside Union Station on Wednesday, July 25th, and I had the opportunity to sample at least a dozen of their dishes at a grand opening party the evening before. For more info about How to Order at Yo! Sushi, you can visit my earlier post, but for an idea of what's available to order, stay on this page. 

The harajuku girl that worked the room, mingling with guests and posing for photos at the photo booth, took the words right of my mouth when she described Yo! Sushi as a Candy-land (of sushi).  I've never had so much fun (or such an easy time) taking pictures, because everything was just so brightly lit up, and the rotating conveyor belt filled with brightly colored bowls was the perfect back drop for all my photos.

The green tea cake with red bean filling may technically be classified as a dessert, but it was still the first thing I tried, and was definitely not too sweet at all, which would also make it a nice snack during the day.

The rice in the sushi rolls was a bit hard in texture, and you may want to take advantage of the help button to order directly from a chef if you come across a dish that is not what you were looking for.

I ended up eating two bows of fruit, and my friend wondered why I was eating so much fruit at a sushi restaurant. My response: For a well balanced meal! It's nice to have some fruit to snack on after eating so much meat and rice.

Since the rice wasn't my favorite part of the sushi rolls, I much preferred to get my seafood fix from individual plates of tuna and salmon.

Though I tend to stray away from hot dishes in the summer (especially fried dishes), my favorite dishes here were the ones served warm, such as the chicken, dumplings, and croquettes pictured above. If I need a fixing of fried foods, I'd much prefer to get a small dish from a quick spot like Yo! Sushi, and not have to order an entire meal from a sit-down restaurant. 

I may have started my evening with dessert, but I couldn't quite end it with dessert as well, as I unfortunately could not make room for a bowl of this custard.

I've never tried anything like this sweet omelet before, and would probably prefer it to be chopped up an added to a salad, as the thick slices of cold egg was a lot to take in after my first bite, and I was looking for something to balance it with.

I usually only eat mocha in cubed form when I top my frozen yogurt with chunks of mochi. It was nice to try it filled with a frozen sweet filling for the first time, which sounds like it would be the same thing as eating frozen yogurt and topped with mochi, but it definitely was not, as it was 10 times better.

With over 70 different dishes to choose from (you won't find them all out at once, and again, you should make use of the help button to order directly from your chef if you want an item you don't yet see on the conveyor belt) everyone will surely find something they like at Yo! Sushi. With it's location at Union Station, you may not find yourself here too often unless you live or work in the area, but if you're taking the train to go out of town for the weekend, it's worth a try. 

Yo! Sushi is open Monday-Saturday from 11am to 9pm and Sunday from 12noon to 6pm. For a look at many more of the menu options, visit http://www.yosushi.com/

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