Thursday, March 14, 2013

Around the Globe: The Big 5

We saw rhinos within the first few minutes of our game drive at Sabi Sabi and then saw them again on almost every drive we went on in South Africa.
During our time in Africa, we hoped to see the Big 5.  The Big 5 refers to rhinos, lions, Cape Buffalo, leopards and elephants.  We saw three at Sabi Sabi and then got lucky to see the last two in Zambia.
This elephant was coming after our Land Rover in Sabi Sabi.  We encountered this with several other male elephants and also saw some females with babies.

We saw this leopard during a night drive at Sabi Sabi.  He was not happy.  Earlier in the day he mated with an older female and wouldn't continue.  She was furious and followed him around roaring the whole day.  He tried to get away with no luck.  We watched them for 3 hours.  Fascinating.

We saw these Cape Buffalo grazing in Zambia.

This beautiful lion was also found in Zambia in our Lion Encounter.  
Africa is truly amazing!

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