Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eating Around Town: 14th Street

I've been so excited for all of the new openings on 14th Street, but some have been a bit disappointing.  I read about Bakehouse in Dining Bisnow so I thought I'd give it a try before yoga.  Unfortunately they ran out of breakfast sandwiches.  Boo!  Their cappuccino was pretty standard.  Don't go there if you want to sit and lounge as there isn't much space.

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After getting no breakfast sandwiches at Bakehouse, we popped into Taqueria Nacional.  We ordered our breakfast and paid.  I asked for my toppings to be put on the side of the plate and was told very rudely by someone who seemed to be the owner that I could not have the toppings on the side.  Then by the time I was finished eating, my hubby's meal had still not come out.  When we went to ask about it they told us breakfast was over and we were out of luck.  We explained that we had already paid and had been waiting over 30 minutes, and then they agreed to make it.  Looks like they still have some issues to work out.  I'm totally fine waiting when a restaurant is new, but there was no need for the attitude.  
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I stopped into Piola on opening night.  They had quite a few service issues, but were very apologetic.  The beet salad and Odessa pizza were quite tasty.  Looking forward to going back for seconds.
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This wasn't my first time eating at Sweetgreen, but I'm thrilled to have a new healthy spot in the neighborhood.  My salad was yummy and fresh and the staff was friendly.  I'll be a regular for sure!
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Le Diplomate is super delicious, but really hard to get a seat.  Was so excited to try that I sat out in the cold to eat.  Loved the French Onion Soup and the Beef Stroganoff.  Tried to go back for brunch, but the wait was so long that we ended up at The Pig.  Hope to eat there again sometime soon.
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Have you guys tried these new spots yet?  Anyone been to Ghibellina, B Too, Black Whiskey or Etto yet?  Tell me about your experiences.  Looking forward to Kapnos, G, Doi Moi, Ted's Bulletin, Diego, Lupe Verde, Tico, Compass Rose, Bar di Bari, M Cafe and Bar, and Barcelona Wine Bar!

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