Sunday, May 12, 2013

Margarita March Recap

In anticipation of Cinco De Mayo, a day where many margaritas will likely be consumed, Beerathon LLC organized the Margarita March, where over a 10 hour period, participants were able to indulge in up to 8 margaritas from 8 different bars throughout the Logan Circle and U Street areas. After picking up my badge at 11 am, my schedule didn't allow me to start the march until 6 pm, so I mapped out those four hours of my day that I'd be able to devote to the march in the most logical way possible, starting with the location that was closest to where I was coming from, and ending with the location that was closest to my house.

La Villa offered a very traditional take on the Margarita.

Stoney's Blue Margarita was the most colorful.

Bar Rouge's Strawberry Lemonade Margarita was the most refreshing. I may have temporarily forgot I was supposed to pace myself for the 5 other margaritas I was supposed to try in the next 3.5 hours, finishing the drink within minutes.

Ben's Next Door also offered a very traditional take on the Margarita.

The margarita at Alero's was one of my favorites. It had a little more salt than the offerings at La Villa and Ben's Next Door, and the added touch of salt has always been my favorite part of a margarita.

Judy Restaurant was the only restaurant/bar in the march to offer a salt rimmed cup, which also put Judy's at the top of my list for the night.

After tasting three traditional margaritas in a row, Tabaqu's Wildberry Margarita was a nice change.

At about 9:40 pm my friend and I turned the event from a Margarita March to a Margarita Race, trying to make it to the last destination before 10pm. At about 9:50 we finally arrived at Nellie's, which was the perfect ending to the evening. 

Despite the fact that I was practically racing from bar to bar trying to visit all 8 places in a 4 hour time slot, I had a great time, and can't wait until next year when I'll hopefully be able to make a whole day of the event.

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