Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Opening: Glen's Garden Market

By:  Melinda Contreras

Glen's Garden Market officially opened for business!  In what can most simply  be described as a one stop shop for all your favorite farmer's market finds, Glen's Garden Market offers DC residents the finest in produce, meats, poultry, dairy products and specialty foods all sourced from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Not wanting to prevent customers from having access to quality items that are not indigenous to the Chesapeake Bay area, owner Danielle Vogel did create a section of the store aptly titled "Forbidden Fruit of the Non-Indigenous Tree" which features a wide selection of grains and legumes.

In addition to the items expected at farmer's markets, the store also offers regionally made beer and wine, which line the wall at the back of the seating area found to the left of the main entrance. In addition, a wine dispensing machine will allow guests to pour themselves a two, four or six ounce tasting of up to eight different wines.

Eight local beers are also available on tap.

No plastic bags will be found at Glen's Garden Market, as it's assumed that customers will be arriving with their own reusable bag. For those customers who don't yet own a reusable bag, or simply would like to add to their collection, Glen's Garden Market offers several varieties for purchase. 

I was able to try a selection of items that would be made available at the deli counter, all made with ingredients available for purchase at the store. Replicating one of the below dishes is as simple as asking one of the friendly staff members which items to purchase, creating an experience that owner Daniel Vogel describes as shopping in a restaurant kitchen. All meat (other than that sold at the prepared foods case) is sold frozen to prevent quick spoilage that may come from offering fresh meat, though all perishable items are generously donated to Martha's Table at the end of each day. 

Smoked Roast Beef

To my own surprise, the bison pastrami with Bigg Riggs Farm Spicy Beer Mustard was my favorite tasting of the night. My preferences have recently switched to white meat, but it's an item like this bison pastrami that will make me rethink quickly looking over all the red meat options in the future. 

The pickle from my sample of the short-rib hot dogs (which use meat that is ground twice) fell from the bun as I tried to juggle a drink, camera, and hot dog, but a wonderful employee rushed to the kitchen to grab me a new one. I was this close to saying I didn't really need a pickle, but it's a good thing the employee was so insistent on grabbing me a new slice, as those pickles were delicious and super crisp, adding the perfect crunch to the hot dog, which was equally as delicious on its own. 

Turkey sandwiches made with "turkey two ways" will be offered for lunch. To make this delectable turkey, turkey breast is cooked in turkey stock, resulting in what Chef Sean Sullivan likes to describe as eating turkey topped with turkey gravy. Though turkey gravy isn't actually found in these turkey sandwiches, turkey gravy made from the leftover turkey stock will be served with mashed potatoes offered during dinner time.

Glen's Garden Market is a great spot to add to your shopping rotation when looking for those specialty items that you can only find at farmer's markets. It's also great to grab some food and drink to enjoy in their dining area, or of course, you can grab some prepared food to enjoy on the grass in the Dupont Circle park.

Glen's Garden Market is located at 2001 S Street, NW, and is open 8 am to 10 pm daily.
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Maria Falvey said...

"Forbidden Fruit of the Non-Indigenous Tree" - bold and inticiting... this line alone is a great hook but the photos throughout the post seal the deal. Wow!

Lauren DeSantis said...

Thanks Maria! Hope you enjoy. So fun to get some many new delicious places in DC. Thanks for reading!