Monday, May 13, 2013

Lucky Lily Day Brings Fragrant Flowers and Delicious Food!

For the seventh year in a row, Cafe du Parc invited Washingtonians to experience the traditions of France by hosting "La Fete du Muguet, or Lucky Lily Day", traditionally held on May 1st in France to mark the arrival of spring. Cafe du Parc's celebration of the French holiday offered guests an open air fete of french wine, food and music, all in the Willard Courtyard.

Guests were greeted with small bouquets of fragrant Lily of the Valley – a token of love and friendship in France.

Cafe du Parc's Chef Westerman has previously described his vision for the restaurant as "combining the unique tastes of France and the American demand for choice, quality products, as well as quantity." This vision could not have been more well executed at Lucky Lily day, as with just one ticket (guests purchased four tickets for $20 to be redeemed at food and wine stations throughout the courtyard) guests could choose from multiple stations offering the ability to try anything that could fit on one plate.

At one station, guests were able to exchange one ticket for deviled eggs, salmon stuffed tomatoes and a tuna and egg slider, along with an array of vegetables. 

At another station guests treated themselves to a tasting of three cheeses and an unlimited amount of breads and jellies.

At the seafood station, guests could choose between an oyster or a tray of mussels.

For dessert, one ticket could be exchanged for a cup of illy coffee and any two items from the dessert ladder.

With five stations and four tickets, I unfortunately did not try any of the meats pictured above, though I believe one ticket was good for a tasting of each of the three items.

The abundant supply of food, wine and music at Cafe du Parc's Lucky Lily, held early-evening on a Friday, could not have been a more perfect start to the weekend. Though warmer weather during this celebration of spring would have been nice, I can't complain about a little chilly weather when it comes paired with good food, wine and company. 

If you happened to miss this great event, you can still enjoy a French spring through Cafe Du Parc's new spring menu items. Highlights include Ris de Veau, Morille, Petits Pois, Espuma de Paremesan (Crispy sweetbreads, morel mushroom, petite peas, parmesan foam), La Poitrine de Cochon, Rapini, Radis Blanc, Sauce aux Cerises (Crispy pork belly braised 24 hrs, broccolini rabe, daikon radish, cherry sauce) and Magret de Canard, Trois Carottes, Brandy Gastrique (Rouen duck breast, carrot prepared three ways, brandy gastrique). For a full menu listing, visit

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