Saturday, May 22, 2010

Andrew Zimmern at the Beautiful House of Sweden

Recently I watched the taping of Andrew Zimmern's Travel Channel Show:  Bizarre Foods being filmed at the beautiful roof deck of the House of Sweden.

This wasn't my first time visiting this lovely embassy...I had been there not too long ago for the DC Embassy Chef Challenge and that's where I met Chef Martin.
Bizarre Foods is doing a whole series on the food of the embassies.
It was fun to watch another show being taped.
They had things go wrong just like we do and they keep going just like we do.
Andrew made funny comments...
The build up was coming for Andrew to eat some of the tasty treasures of Sweden...
He may have thought the blood sausage was bad, but he didn't know what was coming.
Chef Martin preparing the food
Swedish Lunchtime Drinks
Here it is, the fermented herring.  Andrew ate it with ease.  Then the crew informed him that they didn't get the shot so he had to do it again.  The smell was horrible.
Later everyone enjoyed a nice meal together.  Fun times!  Check out the episode when it airs!

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Anonymous said...

Check out this pic I saw of Andrew Zimmerman from this weekend's SOBEfest in Miami!

W/my buddy @andrewzimmern of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods at SOBE Food & Wine Fest (via @BillyDec)

You should follow him too! He's a fellow foodie and currently posting pics of his food tour in NYC!