Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Fun at 555: Chef Singhofen of Eola and 2009 Prince of Porc, Chef RJ Cooper

Next, Chef Daniel Singhofen of Eola presented his plate.  I hadn't heard much about him or his restaurant before, but he did not disappoint. 
Chef Singhofen gave a great presentation of his dishes.
More tasting and judging.  So many great dishes.  The creativity of these chefs was extraordinary.  

RJ Cooper started us with a Pork Bomb (pig explosion or liquid schnitzel).  I loved how RJ gave us a sheet that listed each of his 12 dishes.  The chefs ran through their presentations so quickly that it was hard to jot down all of the dishes that we were tasting.  RJ wowed me once again.
He created his dishes based on the vast international use of the pig.  China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil...
More eating...
After the chefs were finished presenting, we had to put in our vote for the winner...more to come tomorrow!
Photos by Emily Clack

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