Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cookbook Review: My Big Fat Greek Feast by Chef George Kyrtatas

For many of us, Greek food can be difficult to make. From the seasonings to the intricacies surrounding each dish, it can often be frustrating to create some of the beloved Greek dishes. With a sense of humor and love of all things Greek, Chef George Kyrtatas makes the food we all enjoy to eat easy for us to make.

In My Big Fat Greek Feast Chef Kyrtatas walks readers through traditional favorites, such as Dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves) and Mousaka, but also gives them a taste of his new creations, like Greek Baguette with a Sweet Kiss (a Greek alternative to garlic bread) and Stuffed Chicken Florentine. There is no part of the meal left uncovered--dips, pasta, chicken, lamb, dessert, everything is provided to create a delicious Greek meal.

Peppered throughout the book are amusing anecdotes of Chef Kyrtatas and his family, which often highlight the significance and emotional attachment to each dish. The reader will also find Greek facts, which help each dish come to life right on the page.

Readers will likely enjoy the simple layout and eight full page color photos. With one recipe on each page, the book is easy and manageable to read. The full page photos draw in the reader and inspire them to roll up their sleeves and start cooking.

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