Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Review: Get in the Kitchen Bit@hes!

One word. Gross. I'm tempted to leave the review at that but as every English teacher I've ever had taught me, you do need evidence to back up your argument. For Get in the Kitchen, Bit@hes by Jason Bailin, this is easy to do.

Let's begin with the overall appearance of the book. It looks like a student project that was printed at Kinkos. In addition, it is far too small to actually be used while working in the kitchen. Imagine trying to cook a new recipe but in order to actually read the recipe, you need to hold the book about six inches away from your face. It's impractical and unacceptable for those truly interested in cooking. Not to mention, one recipe can take up multiple pages. Having always to turn the page sounds silly but can become cumbersome and frustrating when you are trying to follow directions. I do have one positive thing to say about the utility and appearance of this book, all the pictures are in black and white. Normally, this is a downside and something I dislike about cookbooks; however, in this case, the pictures are so repulsive that if I had to see them in color, I would lose my appetite. Note to the author, most people would not like to see pictures of your friends half naked or dressed in S&M gear. Remember, this is a cookbook, pictures of the food are usually necessary.

On to the recipes, they're not bad. Poorly named (sorry, I prefer not to tell my dinner guests they are eating Pistol Whip Pasta) but simple. There are few appetizers in the book (only 3), simply because the author is not a fan. When you are writing a cookbook, it's not just about you. It's crucially important to try and appeal to everyone. On a personal note, I love appetizers and often make meals out of them. That being said, this cookbook has instantly diminished in value to me. Readers will also find an odd arrangement of recipes. With entrees coming first, then appetizers, and finally a hodgepodge of recipes the author threw in, the book is poorly organized. Again, this has the feeling of a last minute student project. My grade: D.

This book is best suited as a gag gift but make sure you give it to the right person; you don't want to offend anybody.
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