Sunday, May 30, 2010

If you like Good Stuff Eatery, Check out THE GOOD STUFF COOKBOOK

Spike’s philosophy is simple: take classic American comfort foods made from local, farm-fresh ingredients, and give them the “good stuff twist”. This philosophy is brought to bear in THE GOOD STUFF COOKBOOK (Wiley Paperback; $24.95; May 31st, 2010), where Spike serves up over 120 fast, fun, and fresh recipes for classic fare like burgers, fries, shakes, salads, and desserts, not to mention the all-important sauces and condiments that give his dishes a gourmet twist. Also included are menu suggestions for all types of events, from big parties to casual family dinners. Recipes are accompanied by gorgeous full-color photographs throughout. 

Inside you'll find old favorites with a twist: unique and tasty sauces like Sriracha Mayonnaise and Good Stuff Sauce (Spike’s take on Thousand Island dressing); show-off salads like Fennel, Orange, and Pomegranate Wedge, dressed with a citrus-honey-Dijon vinaigrette, or Asian Pear, Pistachio and Brie Wedge; fan-favorite sides like Spike’s Village Fries with fresh rosemary and thyme, Cliff’s Homegrown Vidalia Onion Petals, and Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus; and the famous Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake, malts, and floats.

And, of course, crowd-pleasing burgers made with beef, turkey, chicken, pork, and even lamb. Chef Spike has worked relentlessly on perfecting the recipe to achieve the perfect balance of taste and texture. This chapter includes plenty of tips and tricks, as well as fantastically great recipes like Prez Obama Burger (created during the 2008 election and winner over the McCain burger by four to one!) topped with horseradish mayonnaise, red onion marmalade, bleu cheese and applewood-smoked bacon.

Just in time for summertime barbecues and cookouts, THE GOOD STUFF COOKBOOK is the perfect all-American cookbook for anyone who loves great casual comfort food, but wants to shake things up with a gourmet touch.  Can't wait to make the toasted marshmallow milkshake at home!

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