Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Results of Cochon 555 2010

All of the chefs did a fabulous job! The chefs even stepped it up a notch from last year.  
 After the judging, we went to the main room to join in the festivities.  The judges included: Travis Mason  Food and Ink Magazine 
Dara Bunjon  Examiner
 Vickie Reh  Buck’s Fishing and Camping
 Ed Witt   Morso Restaurant
 Dean Gold  Dinos
 Nycci Nellis  Dishing It Out
 Jamie Leeds  Commonwealth Gastropub
 Anthony Renda  Primal
 Lars Rusins Baltimore Foodies
 Jason Alley  Comfort Restaurant
 Amanda McClements  Metrocurean
 Ezra Klein  Internet Food Association
 Erin Hartigan  Tasting Table
 Bonnie Benwick  Washington Post
 Melissa McCart  Counter Intelligence
 Lauren DeSantis  Capital Cooking
 Tanya Cauthen  Belmont Butchery
 Maddy Beckwith  Farm Fresh
 Collins Huff  Gryffons Aerie Farm 
           Susie Hass   Ayrshire Farm

Me and Sammy from the Kane Show
Ryan Farr demonstrating how to butcher the pig.
David Varley of Bourbon Steak was crowned the 2010 Prince of Porc.
Me and David Varley after his victory.  
They raffled off pieces of the pig.  One person made it into a purse.  

With all of that eating, I got thirsty and enjoyed some whiskey before leaving.  
What a great event!  Special thanks to Brady Lowe for doing such a fantastic job!
Photos by Emily Clack

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