Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And the New 'King of the Kitchen' is...

No one! Why? Because there are two kings! The judges at last night's 'King of the Kitchen' competition proclaimed both Chef Todd Gray and Chef Kaz Okochi the winners.

Moderated by Design Cuisine Executive Chef Shannon Shaffer, the chefs were given one hour to make two courses. The catch: the courses had to be made in the style of the other chef. Although this was not strictly enforced, it was fun to see each chef in their element. In addition, there were two secret ingredients: rockfish and crab.

Chef Toddy Gray made Grilled Rockfish with pineapple relish, which had a surprising amount of heat, for his first course. Next, he created Crispy Crab Spring Rolls, delicious and flaky!

Chef Kaz Okochi served a rich and filling Maryland Blue Crab soup to begin and then ended with a Rockfish Tartare, a cleansing dish after the soup.
Chef Todd Gray preparing the Grilled Rockfish
Chef Kaz Okochi's Maryland Blue Crab and Corn Soup

Last night showed that competition isn't only on the courts! A great addition to the popular Legg Mason Tennis Classic, I hope they have another 'battle' next year.

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