Saturday, August 7, 2010

Book: Pick It Kick It By Oxygen Magazine’s Diane Hart

Oxygen Magazine focuses on proper nutrition and fitness.  Its “Pick It Kick It” column has now been made into a book written by Diane Hart, Oxygen Magazine’s Executive Editor.   

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The pages in the book look similar to a magazine.  In Pick It Kick It, Hart reveals 1000 simple food substitutions to make better food choices.  After reviewing the book, it seems like most of them are common sense... like pick sweet potato fries and kick french fries.   Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – all meals are representedPick It Kick  also provides 48 low-fat recipes that are easy to prepare and pack tons of flavor. 

Diane Hart says, “Eating right doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive – it is a simple matter of making the right choices and that comes from knowing what foods are better than others.”

About the Author:
Diane Hart
is the Executive Editor for Oxygen Magazine and is Editor In chief of Oxygen’s Special Issue Publications.  She has worked in the Health & Fitness filed for numerous years and her work has been featured in top magazines and newspapers.  Hart is a certified personal trainer and believes in the lifelong health and weight maintenance benefits of combining clean eating with regular exercise such as weight training.

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