Monday, August 9, 2010

Cooking Demonstrations at Trade Shows: Atlantic City Food and Wine Show

Ever since we released the Capital Cooking Cookbook in May, I haven't had much of a break.  When I'm not filming on the weekends, I've been cooking at trade shows on the East Coast.  The demonstrations are lots of fun, but the preparation takes almost more time than filming a show.

July was a busy month!  We cooked at the Great Grapes Annapolis Show and the Food Network Atlantic City Food and Wine Show. 

The part I love the most is seeing all of my chef and vendor friends at the events. 

At the AC Show, we worked with Alfa to make some delicious phyllo dough recipes. 

The audience learned how to make Spanakopita, Scallop Ceviche and Tzatziki. 
 We met some wine vendors...
On Stage...

Thank you so much to Amir and Nicole for coming down from New York.  Thank you to Corey for all of your help.  Thank you to Emily for all of the wonderful photos.  Thanks to Geoff and Rocky for helping me in the kitchen.  Thank you to Alex for getting me the dough.
 Photos by Emily Clack

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