Friday, June 29, 2012

Taiwan: Arrival to Taipei

Beautiful flowers given to us upon arrival at Sheraton Taipei Hotel
After about 19 hours of flying time, we landed in Taipei.  We're here to film a Capital Cooking:  Around the Globe travel series all about Taiwan.  We are ready to dig in and experience the food.  Although it might not be widely known amongst Americans, Taiwan is known for having one of the richest culinary traditions in Asia.  From visiting a traditional tea house to indulging in the best street food, we can't wait!

EVA Airlines Premium Coach proved to be relatively comfortable for such a long flight.  We got some sleep, but we're definitely still tired.  Smooth sailing for the most part besides for our director missing the flight.  Whoops!  He forgot his passport and won't be joining us until tomorrow. 

We were greeted by pleasant people at the airport that transported us to the Sheraton Taipei Hotel.  A kind man opened the van door with beautiful bouquets of flowers for Kristen and I.  (Such a nice touch after such a long flight.)  We went down to the lobby to grab some coffees and were a bit surprised by the receipt.  ($20.90 for 3 lattes... not the place for budget travelers.)

Looking forward to a big day ahead with a visit to the 22th Taipei International Food Show, lunch at the famous Dingtaifung Restaurant inside of Taipei 101 (one of the tallest buildings in the world) and dinner with Mr. Walter Yeh, Executive Vice President of Taiwan External Trade Development Council at the Dian Shui Lou Restaurant.  Keep checking back to learn more about our adventure.   

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